SQL Server Monitoring and Alerting

The question isn’t if your databases will need attention, but when. With so many moving parts, it doesn’t take too much to get your SQL Server slipping off track. The key is implementing an intelligent monitoring and alerting solution that works efficiently, effectively, and, yes, quietly.

SQL Professionals In-House Monitoring & Alerting Solution

As SQL Server specialists, our remote DBA consultants will work with any third-party monitoring software you’re already using. If you don’t have one or aren’t happy with it, we prefer our homegrown solution. Designed to be lightweight and unobtrusive, our solution works silently in the background to collect data, weigh performance metrics, and alert you and us of any inconsistencies to address problems before they escalate.

We monitor for a wide range of issues, from failed jobs, to error events, to underlying performance problems. Critically, we catch both immediate errors and slow-building deviations, so your SQL Server continues to perform its best.

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