SQL Server Health Checks

The first step to making your databases faster, more stable, and more efficient is knowing exactly what ails it. You know your Microsoft SQL Server isn’t firing on all cylinders, but do you know why? You will with our SQL Server Health Checks.

As an essential starting point for almost any new client, the remote DBAs at SQL Professionals perform an exhaustive Health Check. We go through your system, develop an in-depth report, and explain with surgical precision what’s wrong, the best way to fix it, what improvements you’ll see, and how long it should take.

A Powerful First Step

Our Health Checks are absolutely comprehensive. While other services offer overpriced generalities, we pride ourselves on producing meticulously detailed, actionable reports specific to your server.

Your report is more than an analysis—it’s a concrete plan of action. Most importantly, our reports are reader-friendly, so you can understand every step along the way. Knowledge really is power.

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