SQL Server Disaster Recovery

You can’t predict when disaster will strike, but you can prepare for it. Though unlikely, the electric grid can go haywire, a natural disaster can destroy your servers, or your data center can experience a meltdown—resulting in the loss of valuable data. But you won’t have to worry about that. SQL Professionals will help you implement a strategic disaster recovery (DR) solution to get your business back online as soon as possible via a remote data center.

SQL Server Backups and Restoration

We’ll discuss your business needs, determine the impact of data loss, and develop a detailed, cost-effective plan to secure your data. From setting up remote backups located hundreds of miles away, to facilitating seamless mirroring and log shipping capabilities, we’ll outline and establish every step to restore your server and protect your data quickly.

Don’t wait until it’s too late; human error, natural disasters, and unpredictable events can inflict irreparable damage to an unprepared business. Rely on SQL Professionals to weather the worst and keep your business at it’s best.