Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Have a Dedicated SQL Professional?

Absolutely. In fact, SQL Professionals will assign both a primary and a secondary DBA as your go-to points of contact. These are the professionals who will work with you one-on-one, learning the fine details of your servers, needs, and business goals.

Your dedicated database professionals ensure that everyone involved with your case understands your work environment and your priorities. They also document all procedures, requirements, maintenance windows, and any other information needed to deliver superior seamless service.

Why is SQL Professionals More Cost-Effective Than an In-House DBA?

It’s simple: SQL Professionals delivers all the benefits of a full-time salaried DBA, without any of the associated employee costs like workspace, equipment, benefits packages, and paid time off.

Whether we’re acting as your complete SQL Server solution or providing backup and overflow support for your existing IT team, you get the combined expertise of our entire staff at a fraction of the cost of a single in-house DBA. We provide comprehensive care for your databases 24/7/365. With a predictable budget and scalable scope, you only pay our services when you actually need them.

Is Your Staff Offshore?

Not at all. 100% of our team members are based in the US. We value diversity on our team and place a premium on communicating clearly with clients.

How Will You Connect to My Network and/or Server?

We work with your team to identify the connectivity mechanism that best serves your security needs. Often this means connecting through an existing VPN, though we provide a wide range of options, including SSH tunneling, direct connections through a proxy, and software solutions for encrypted remote connections.

How Does an Engagement with SQL Professionals Work?

SQL Professionals provides comprehensive remote DBA services for Microsoft SQL Server. We supply exactly as much or as little support as you need on a monthly basis.

Whether you’d like to use us as your full-service SQL Server solution or as a supplement to your existing IT team, we offer a complete range of services, including performance tuning, emergency support, maintenance plans, monitoring solutions, business intelligence, continuity plans, upgrades, migrations, and database design and development.

After taking the time to intimately understand your business’s needs, goals, and database environment, we document our work every step of the way, clearly communicating exactly what we’re doing and why.

Do You Provide Monitoring Software for My Servers?

SQL Professionals can supply an in-house monitoring solution to manage your alerts, or we can integrate any 3rd party monitoring software with your servers. While we don’t purchase or license this software, we can help you get the most out of it.