Yes, you need your SQL Server databases up and running right to do business efficiently and effectively. But that doesn’t mean you’re in the database business. In most cases, it’s literally the last thing you want to deal with. Data warehousing? Continuity planning? Huh? You’ve got more important things to worry about. That’s when a remote SQL DBA comes in to save the day.

Great databases are like great referees: they’re at their best when they go unnoticed. It’s only when something goes wrong—a blown call, unexpected downtime—that you take notice. Not good.

The solution, of course, is obvious: hire a dedicated SQL database administrator to keep your business humming. Unfortunately, hiring a (good) full-time DBA is expensive. Not only are SQL Server specialists a hot commodity, but you’ve also got to factor in benefits, taxes, office space, equipment, etc. “Ouch,” says your budget.

Unlike their full-time counterparts, a remote SQL DBA can keep your databases and your bottom line at their best. How? Let me count the ways.

1. Lower Costs

You’re not paying less for sub-standard talent, you’re just paying selectively for talent when you actually need it. Thanks to the flexible pricing most remote DBAs offer, you don’t need to pay a DBA for 40 hours a week when your databases only require 15 hours of work.

2. Expertise

Remote SQL Server DBAs aren’t jacks of all trades: they’re masters of one, and they continually hone their specialized skills. That means faster solutions, less trial and error, and experience you can trust.

With SQL Professionals, you don’t just get one SQL DBA—you benefit from our combined knowledge, experience, and expertise. We can even bring in Microsoft engineers and other outside specialists, thanks to our robust network.

3. Reliability

By contracting a team of remote SQL Server DBAs, you can be confident someone’s always on call, waiting to tamp down any problems at a moment’s notice. SQL Professionals prides itself on rapid responses and quick turn-around times; when you need support, we’ll have a DBA available who intimately understands your particular SQL environment.

4. Stability

With quality DBAs being so sought after, companies face a brutally high attrition rate. That means investing more time and money into training a new DBA every year or so. With the remote DBAs at SQL Professionals, you’ve got an entire team working for you. Even if you’re just using us part-time, we offer stability between the departures of your on-site DBAs and can help transfer knowledge and protocol seamlessly.

5. Supplementing Your Team

Even if you’ve already got a few DBAs, you may want to consider supplementing them with remote DBA support. Whether you need us to handle daily maintenance while they tackle high-visibility projects, or you give us the unexpected to keep your employees undistracted, we work harmoniously with existing admins.